Monday, May 14, 2012

Don't Black Out

Don't Black Out, hand set type, 3"x13", 21 pages, 2012.

Experimental Summer

Experimental Summer, intaglio, 6"x6", 2011.

All The Brave Nerds

All The Brave Nerds (collaboration), letterpress, 4"x6", 2011.

An Elitist at Being Ordinary

An Elitist At Being Ordinary (from Wish You Were Here postcard series), linocut, hand set type, hand stitching, 4"x6", 2011.


To NUB NUB, hand set type, linocut, 6 pages, 3"x30", 2009.

The Apostrophe

The Apostrophe (book), intaglio, photopolymer plates, hand coloring, hand stitching,  6"x6", 9 pages,

Sleep Therapy

Sleep Therapy, intaglio, hand stitching, 11"x14", 2010.